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Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

What are the top 10 biggest bets ever placed and won in a casino?

While there is limited public information available on the exact details of the biggest bets ever placed and won in casinos, here are some notable examples:

1. Archie Karas – $40 million: In the early 1990s, Archie Karas turned $50 into $40 million in a remarkable winning streak at various Las Vegas casinos.

2. Kerry Packer – $24 million: The Australian media mogul, Kerry Packer, is known for his high roller gambling. He reportedly won $24 million (equivalent to $33 million today) in a three-day gambling spree at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 1997.

3. William Lee Bergstrom – $777,000: In 1980, nicknamed “The Suitcase Man,” Bergstrom made a single bet of $777,000 (around $2.4 million today) on a craps toss at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas and won.

4. Ashley Revell – $135,300: In 2004, Ashley Revell sold all his belongings, including his car and clothes, for a total of $135,300 and placed a single bet on the roulette table at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. He chose red and it landed on 7 on the roulette wheel, doubling his money instantly.

5. Elmer Sherwin – $4.6 million: Sherwin won $4.6 million playing Megabucks slot machines at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas in 1989. Shockingly, 16 years later, he won another Megabucks jackpot of $21 million at the same casino.

6. Mike Ashley – £820,000 ($1.4 million): In 2008, the owner of Newcastle United Football Club, Mike Ashley, bet £820,000 ($1.4 million) on a single roulette spin in a London casino. It landed on the number 17, netting him a payout of £1.3 million ($2.2 million).

7. Sir Philip Green – £2 million ($2.7 million): The British billionaire businessman, Sir Philip Green, reportedly wagered £2 million ($2.7 million) on a roulette wheel in 2004 and won.

8. Cynthia Jay-Brennan – $34.9 million: In 2000, Cynthia Jay-Brennan won a staggering $34.9 million playing Megabucks slot machines at the Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she was involved in a car accident just weeks later, leaving her paralyzed.

9. Unknown Australian Businessman – $33 million: An anonymous high roller from Australia won approximately $33 million playing baccarat at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The details behind this record win are undisclosed.

10. Charles Barkley – Estimated millions: While the exact amounts are not public, retired NBA player Charles Barkley is infamous for his high-stakes gambling. He has often faced significant losses but has also reportedly won millions in casinos.

Please note that some of the bet amounts and specific details may vary depending on different sources and the conversion rates used to adjust for inflation.

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